WS Food - Weihenstephan Standard for production data acquisition in machines of the food industry

WS Food originated from an initiative of the association of German machine construction and plant manufacturing inc. (VDMA, trade association food and packaging machines). Overall 16 partners (mechanical engineering enterprises, food producers and system vendors) financed a project based on the Weihenstephan Standard for bottling- and packaging plants. Based on sample processes the Technical University of Munich - chair of food packaging technology in coopoeration with the college Ostwestfalen Lippe developed data contents and recommendations for analysis for the food production.

It is for those reasones that WS Food also offers advantages for this branch, like an expressive database (OMAC compliant), approved communication technology, test tools for easy interface inspection, safe and comparable information and cost savings by renunciation of individual engineering.

WS Food was presented to the public for the first time on the IFFA 2010. Furthermore, 11 different partner enterprises of the branch had already implemented WS Food interfaces: