Weihenstephan Standards for Brewing Processes

The project "WS Brew" (Weihenstephan Standards for Brewing Processes) was started in February 2017. The project goal is the definition of the interface between plants or controls and MES with regard to data content and semantics based on the established Weihenstephan Standards concept.

The project "Weihenstephan Standards for Brewery Processes (WS Brew)" was initiated by representatives of large and medium-sized breweries, plant manufacturers and IT system providers from the industrial working group. They demanded MES interface standards for process beer production (malt reception to pressure tank cellar). The starting point was experience in projects in which communication between customers and suppliers was difficult and considerable discussion was always necessary. Tailor-made, individual solutions are difficult to transfer to other companies, so project costs are usually higher than planned. For this reason, the Chair of Food Packaging Technology was commissioned to determine the requirements and needs of the project partners involved in a project and to develop comprehensive standard definitions. The project objective of "WS Brew" was therefore the definition of the interface between systems or control system and MES with regard to data content and semantics, based on the established WS concept. The most important process areas of the brewery were to be considered: the brewhouse, the fermenting/storage cellar, the filtration and the associated operating equipment, such as steam or compressed air generation. The standard definitions make it possible to implement all necessary MES functions without interface problems.

The project plan included the following work packages:

  • AP1: Requirements definition
  • AP2: Determination of brewery-relevant MES functionalities
  • AP3: MES Function Description and Modeling
  • AP4: Defining and categorizing data points
  • AP5: Preparation of data point libraries and WS documentation (content and evaluation recommendations). 
Weihenstephan Standards in the Brewery (WS Brew in the beer production part, WS Pack in the packaging part)

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