WS Bake for production data acquisition in the bakery industry

Just as is the case for the entire food industry, bakeries have to meet the challenge to deliver high quality products at competitive prices. In addition, the requirements of legislative authority increase. Under these circumstances, an efficient information technology support is essential to conduct a profitable business. It is for this reason, the Weihenstephan Standards were also developed for the bakery industry. Within WS Bake new specifications and data point libraries were designed in cooperation with leading machinery manufacturers of the baking industry, bakeries and associations.
Due to a clear structure and an efficient handling the new WS Bake library stands out. Many years of practical experience of the project partners, as well as the experience from the already well-established libraries WS Pack and WS Food were brought in to facilitate the excellent usability. Consequently WS Bake continues to provide all the benefits that characterize the Weihenstephan Standards, such as unified communications technology, simple interface verification and lean engineering.
WS Bake was presented at the iba 2015 for the first time.