WS Communication interface

The WS communication interface was developed for the data exchange by machines and higher IT systems in the food production, filling and packaging. It is based on Ethernet TCP/IP. Proprietary communication commands allow an easy, hardware-, software- and platform independent implementation.

The picture illustrates exemplary the query of counters. The higher MES or PDA-system (client) sends a request with a „Read single Value“-command to the counter number 50257 to the machine (server). The command is filled up to a same length of 4 data words by a dummy. The machine processes the request and sends back the value 10,000 in the according answer.

The following commands were specified:


NOOP No function ("sign of life")

READ_SVALUE Reading of a value

WRITE_SVALUE Writing of a value   


READ_LIST Reading of a list of values

WRITE_LIST Writing of a list of values

READ_MVALUE Reading of several values

WRITE_MVALUE Writing of several values

READ_STRING Reading of a string

WRITE_STRING Writing of a string

READ_CONFIG Reading of the device description file   

READ_MIXED_LIST Reading of a mixed list of values

WRITE_MIXED_LIST Writing of a mixed list of values