Weihenstephan Standards

The Weihenstephan Standards (WS) define a universal communication interface for connecting machines to higher ranking data acquisition systems or MES (Manufacturing Execution systems). They also define the data, which must be provided for the acquisition. Data points and contents are defined for individual industrial sectors. Until this point in time libraries for bottling and packaging plants (WS Pack) and for food processing (WS Food) have been realized.

Communication via a plug and play principle is enabled by automated parameterization via a device description file. In addition, the Weihenstephan Standards provide recommendations for the data evaluation (e.g., traceability, calculation of efficiency identification numbers, technical reporting) and for the approval and safe operation of MES implementations.

The specifications were sub-divided as follows:

  1. Physical interface specification (across the industries)
  2. Specification of the Interface content (specific to each industry)
  3. Recommendations for data evaluation and reporting (across the industries)
  4. Approval and safe operation (across the industries)