WebCast - Transparent and efficient chocolate production

The "Weihenstephan Standards" were developed by the Technical University of Munich together with many industry partners to make the MES connection for food and packaging machines simple and efficient by using uniform interfaces.

This year, with the support of the VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery, the Weihenstephan Standards were ported to OPC UA, prepared for the future requirements of the "Smart Food Factory" and thus further simplified system integration for Plug & Work.

In our webcast (January 27/28), we will present the advantages of the Weihenstephan standards based on OPC UA on a chocolate manufacturing and packaging plant (ChoConnect Showcase):

  • Added value of standardized machine and system networking of different manufacturers.
  • Advantages of the WS OPC UA Companion Specification for machine integration
  • Easy implementation of MES functionalities

We have made the video of the WebCast available for you to watch on Youtube:




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RG Smart Production Systems


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